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Pura Vida

Pura Vida is a philosophy that is based on the enjoyment of attention. Pura Vida is experiencing, using all senses. By tasting the local gastronomy and products, you will discover the nature and discover its traditions and culture. Read more


Pure Food

Pure food is food for the soul. What kind of food do we need? How do we prepare our food? Do we use pure products, ecological, sustainable? Read more about pure food, recipes and restaurants and get inspired.

Body & Mind

Feed your body and mind with pure food, nature and sportive activities like hiking. In the Málaga Province you can do fantastic walks. Visit el Chorro with the spectacular Camino del Rey or the beautiful turqoise lakes. Read more about tours in Andalucia

Experience the richness and local gastronomy of Andalusia

Taste the local food and experience culture, craftsmanship and nature

Enjoy the beauty of rural Andalusia, using all five senses